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Posted 7 Apr '16

Feature With Photo Gallery

A sun-drenched Mulambin Beach on the Capricorn Coast formed a spectacular backdrop as one of L&F Transfers’ flagship long-distance luxury coaches became the focus of attention on Saturday, 19 March.

For a couple of hours, the coach became the “model” and Mulambin, south of Yeppoon, provided the “catwalk” as cameras snapped up dozens of alluring images of the shapely Volvo B7R.

The pictures will be used in future brochures, flyers, advertisements and various kinds of print and online publications.

L&F Transfers’ Lindsey and Fiona Ward, together with family members, children and friends, made up the “cast” and the “extras” for the photo-shoot, enthusiastically posing as miners, tourists and passengers from different walks of life.

Julie Robertson, director of Yeppoon’s graphic and website design studio CQ inSight – who carries out a broad range of work for L&F and designed the striking red, white and black L&F logo that now appears on its vehicles – was there with trusty Nikon in hand to capture the images.

The Mulambin Beach photo-shoot was one of three similar events held simultaneously on 19 March. Mr Ward said others took place at L&F bases at Charters Towers and Blackwater.

He said the photographs would make clear to potential clients and passengers that the L&F fleet of Volvo coaches is safe, reliable, comfortable and extremely well equipped.

Among other features, the 49-seat B7R model is fully air-conditioned with onboard toilet, is fitted throughout with seat belts and tinted windows, includes GPS navigation and CCTV cameras, provides on-board movies and runs safety systems checks on every engine start-up.

Mr Ward said L&F had recently committed to operating only Volvo coaches on its long-distance services because of their long-established reputation for safety.

L&F has built up a fleet of 13 of the coaches. The particular vehicle, LF17, featured in the Mulambin photo-shoot is based at Yeppoon and used regularly to transport Downer Mining staff from the Capricorn Coast to and from the BMA Blackwater Mine, 90km east of Emerald.

Other Volvos are spread throughout L&F’s expanding network of bases, operating mining, tourism and charter services whenever and wherever the client wishes to go.



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