incredible generosity aids teaching at dingo

Posted 7 Apr '16

A State School principal has valued the support that L&F Transfers gives to his school as equal to a teacher for one day a week for a term or a teacher aide for one day a week for almost half a year.

Boyd Mclean, of Dingo State School, has told L&F Transfers’ chief executive officer Lindsey Ward that the substantial savings provided to the school by L&F’s backing make a “massive difference to our school and ultimately to our students’ education”.

In a letter to Mr Ward in March, Mr Mclean said he had spoken previously, both at community meetings and in his school’s newsletters, about L&F’s “incredible generosity”.

“Last year, we made some incredible academic gains and we are currently punching well above our weight class,” he said.

“This is a result of incredible students, teachers and a supportive parents’ group.

“It also is having key groups helping in our school. L&F are one of these key groups.”

Mr Mclean said: “To put it into perspective, the savings that you generously donated this term allow me to purchase a teacher aide one day a week for nearly half a year or a teacher one day a week for a term.

“Lindsey, thank you for your incredible support,” he said.

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