Bus & Coach Transfers

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Travel with us through Central Queensland and beyond

Our flexible and dynamic approach to transport solutions enables us to offer safe, efficient and highly adaptable workforce transport to support the mining and resources industry and local communities.

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Our friendly team will take the hassle out of booking your next service

Our customers count on us for a variety of private bus hire and coach charter needs.
We're local and ready to take you where you need to go.


You can rely on us to get you and your crew to work safely and on time. 

Bus-in-bus-out (BIBO) services 
Camp to site shuttles
Contractor transport
On-site shuttles
Mine shutdown services 
Inter/intra town services
General charters 
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Community & Private Charters 

Let our friendly team help you organise your next charter. We cater for all group sizes. 

Corporate charters 
Sporting clubs and associations  
School charters 
Cruise tours 

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Our Fleet

We have an impressive range of buses, designed for driving both short and long distances

All vehicles have advanced suspension and comfortable interiors, ensuring a smooth and pleasant ride for everyone on board. 

Our current fleet configurations include:

21 seats
23 seats  
35-39 seats 
49-57 seats

We do not keep coaches older than five years in our fleet, in fact, we aim to turn our fleet over at 3 years. We do this to ensure reliability, safety, and lower emissions.

This year we’ve taken ownership of six Yutong C12 Clean Euro 6 emission compliant engine coaches.


In every bus we also install a Guardian system, a driver fatigue,
distraction and accident prevention solution.
We also have the ability to access live stream CCTV.

“We take the view that every person on every seat is our client and it’s our responsibility to get them home safely”

Nathan Turner General Manager